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Honour is Singapore's Future

It has always been and will be the blueprint for Singapore’s success.


The Invisible People
of Singapore

We seek to acknowledge them and tell their stories.


What Does Honour Mean to You?

Share your perspective on Honour.


Promoting a Culture of Honour and Honouring

We seek to promote a culture of honour and honouring, in the belief that it is essential for the continuing peace, progress, and prosperity of Singapore.

Our Initiatives

Honour CEO Forums & International Symposium

We engage corporate leaders who desire to embrace the value of Honour as an integral part of their leadership philosophy.

Honour Champions Community

A community, organised as chapters, where members meet to share experiences to help one other succeed and to pursue the path of honour.

Honour Film Initiative

We work with young emerging filmmakers to tell the stories that amplify the value of honour.

Civil Society Forum

We seek to encourage and grow the space for mutually respectful dialogue among civil society leaders.

Honour Learning Journey

We inspire youth with a showcase of Honour short films, and facilitate a time of learning, reflection and takeaways about character, citizenship and values.

Collaborate with Us

Register for a Learning Journey

Send your students for a film-based learning experience


Pitch a Short Film

Take part in our film initiative!


Filmmakers’ Journey (Season 7)

Unveiling a brand new slate of films! Our young emerging filmmakers and story-tellers share from the heart about the inspiration behind their Honour short film, and what honour means to them.

Find out how you can be part of the Honour Film Initiative!