Through the Honour Film Initiative, we seek to honour the Invisible People of Singapore – hidden, unsung heroes who create a better life and a better world for others.

We seek to honour them as individuals deserving of dignity and respect.
These are their stories, told by filmmakers with a heart.


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Two-Sided Leaf

More than anything, he hated his father.


They don’t even call her ‘Mum’...

Ah Ma Flippa Ball

Meet Singapore's first grandma-only water polo team


Unseen and unheard, yet unrelenting.

Balik Kampung

At 93, he is one of Singapore's oldest living Olympians


Wishing all dads a pleasant and 'present' Father's Day!

Eid As One

Now THAT'S the kampung spirit!

Just Like Dad

She follows in his footsteps.

Away From Home, Still

Circuit breaker may be over for you, but not for him

Defying Gravity

She hated him ever since.

Away From Home on Mother’s Day

Who worries most when you are away from home?

The Silent Keeper

7 surgeries and counting...

Away From Home

From the frontlines of a pandemic

Waiting For The End

What do we do –– other than waiting for this to end?

Before It Began

This is what it's like to be alone, together.

Beyond Borders

What a cleaner may not tell you...

She Risks To Save

She is a girl on fire!

Where’s Mummy?

Honouring those on the frontline

World Toilet Day

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it

Trapped Memories

Truly priceless

Crossed Over II

He saw something in him no one else did.

My Father, the Karang Guni

“If you don’t study hard, you’ll end up a _________ _______”

Crossed Over

A mother's pain.

The Man Who Saved LKY

If not for him, the history of Singapore would have turned out quite different. He was a rickshaw puller.

Until The End

He taught him a lesson he would never forget. Even till the end.


Pencil (Trailer)

A friendship between two best friends is put to the test

Katherine's Melody

Katherine’s Melody

She was a nurse during the fateful Hotel New World collapse. But now...



A teenage girl searches for love in all the wrong places, until...

On Being A Mother

On Being a Mother

A mother's struggle with a special needs child – and with cancer


At 4, she was rescued at sea. This is what she did at 40

Olympian’s reaction video

She couldn't believe that 2 million people loved her. It was epic

When the Stars Align #3

When the Stars Align #3

She just couldn't believe what we wanted to do

Mary Klass

When the Stars Align #2

Why train for the Olympics when you could be home doing housework?

When the Stars Align

When the Stars Align

Meet Singapore's first female Olympian

Ah Leong’s Surprise

A prank pays off

Ah Leong’s Confession

An ex-gangster chief confesses his greatest regret

Ah Leong’s Story

How does one end up in a life for crime and drugs for 20 years?



How does an unbankable ex-offender get the capital to fulfil his dreams?

Sarah means Princess

Sarah means Princess

When 'special needs' really means 'special gift'

The Making of a Champion

The Making of a Champion

From rotten apple to SEA Games gold medallist

Where a Dream Begins

Where a Dream Begins

This is where Olympic dreams begin


Nurses called into a complaint meeting get a huge shock

Sohel’s Story

When money tests the integrity of a friendship


When duty calls and threatens to mar a special occasion


At 91, a pioneer telecoms engineer revisits the historic satellite earth station he helped estabilsh

A Better Life

When was the last time you truly stopped to listen to a migrant worker's story?

Builders (Trailer)

An Indian migrant worker finds a wallet on the ground, and finds himself in a conflict


A firefighter is overwhelmed by the warmth of family when he least expects it.


A domestic worker empowers her family and community back home

Lullaby (Trailer)

Sometimes the ones closest to us are the most invisible.


These films are available for screening as part of the Honour Learning Journey for schools.

Pencil (Trailer)

A friendship between two best friends is put to the test

Dinner (Trailer)

A tumultuous relationship at home leads her to look for love elsewhere

Builders (Trailer)

An Indian migrant worker finds a wallet on the ground, and finds himself in a conflict

Lullaby (Trailer)

Sometimes the ones closest to us are the most invisible.


Hear their hearts, and get to know the intent and inspiration behind their Honour films.

Lionel Seah on “Tomorrow”

Kathleen Bu on “Lady E’s Wedding Revenge Plan”

Kevin and Thea on “Handprint”

GurJeevaan Singh on “Haruwal”

Sherlyn and Pamela on “Ah Ma Flippa Ball”

Desyre and Inge on “Boundless”

Keesha and Gwyneth on “She Risks to Save”

Hidayah, Kate and Mardina on “Final Goodbye”

Brenda Er on “Trapped Memories”

Jolyn Liauw on “Plesent”

Raphael Lim on “One Last Time”

Abegail Arendayen on “Tagalabas”

Joshua Poh on “Strike”

Jackson Ho on “My Father, the Karung Guni”

D Naveen Raj on “The Chair”

Kathleen Bu on “An Elephant Ate A Goldfish”

Seng Wee Chuan on “1276”

Ashvin on “Son of”

Brenda Er on “Katherine’s Story”

Gina Tan on Pencil

Gina, Joanna & Kenneth on “Pencil”

David Liem on “Rescued”

Sabrina Abu Bakar on Carik Bulu Ayam

Sabrina, Royce and Mirza on “Carik Bulu Ayam”

Laavania Krishna on “Thaiyal” (Stitches)

Eileen Chong on Ah Leong's Story

Eileen Chong on “Ah Leong’s Story”

Joshua & Seha on “Gift”

Brenda Er

Brenda Er on “When the Stars Align”

Amirah and Miranda on “Kafan, the Undertaker”

Eileen Chong on “The Making of a Champion”

Saraniya Saravanan on “Dinner”

Lena Goh on “Where a Dream Begins”

Eysham Ali on “A Better Life” 

Zulkifli Halim on “Firefighter”

Nur Khairah and Amelia Sai on “Ayah”

Ethel Yap & Ronald Wong on “Connected”

David Liem on “Sacrifice”

Thomas Franks on “Sohel’s Story”

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