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Chairman’s Appeal Letter: December 2019
One Thousand
Dear Supporters and Friends,

As ideas mount and activities increase and more volunteers come forward, Honour (Singapore) is expanding its reach and its range of events and forums. Our needs in operating funds continue to increase, especially since we would like to continue, in the main, to conduct most of our events without charging. We would also like to minimise having to seek donations for each event, or to approach donors multiple times for their support. This way we will be able to concentrate our time and resources in promoting the culture of Honour for winning in work and life, and not get too distracted by fund-raising throughout the year.

I am writing to inform you that Honour (Singapore) has decided to take on the goal of creating a network of One Thousand Friends of Honour (Singapore) - regular supporters who are prepared to donate $1000 or more per year as individual donors, or $5000 or more per year as corporate donors. We very much look forward to you joining this Network of Friends. We would be enormously grateful if you could start making your donation during this Christmas and New Year season of love, joy and sharing of blessings, but do feel free to start at any other time that will be comfortable for you. Donations to Honour (Singapore) qualify for IRAS tax deductibility as Honour (Singapore) is a charity that has been granted the status of an Institution of Public Character.

My thanks to you for all your help over the years, and may I wish and your family a blessed time of peace and happiness going into the New Year.
With best regards,

Lim Siong Guan
Chairman, Honour (Singapore)
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