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Chairman’s Letter: July 2015
Dear Donors and Friends of Honour (Singapore),

We launched Honour (Singapore) in August 2014 to promote a culture of honour and honouring for the well-being of Singapore.

We believe that we must continue to honour Honour for the continued survival and success of Singapore, for ourselves and for the generations to come.

We would like to thank you once again for your kind support for this cause that transverses all religions, cultures, and communities.
Past Quarter Initiatives
As mentioned in our inaugural newsletter in April 2015, we are adopting a partnership approach in our outreach efforts. The idea is to multiply the effectiveness of what we do and, more importantly, better get across the honour message through a process of “learning by doing” rather than expect to succeed through “learning by talking”.

In the past quarter, we have reached out to businesses and organizations, schools and educational institutions, as well as religious and community groups to explore opportunities to inject Honour into their own programmes.

In particular, I had the opportunity to speak to a group of Muslim leaders, and hope similarly in future to reach out to the leaders of the other main religious groups in Singapore. I would be happy to hear from any group who should like to have a dialogue on what Honour (Singapore) is working on. You can write me at LimSiongGuan@honour.sg.

Our message is that Honour is important for winning in business, leadership, family, and life. In the following section, I list various initiatives we are currently working on.
Dialogue with Islamic Religious Council of Singapore on 28 April 2015
Ongoing Initiatives
CEO Forum: This is a periodic forum we are having with CEOs of companies, large and small, to explain how Honour would be beneficial to them and how Honour (Singapore) could work with them. The next CEO Forum will be held on 22 July 2015. During the Forum, we will share why Honour is good for business, for work, for home, and for life. If you are a CEO and would like to attend such a dialogue session over lunch, please drop me a line at LimSiongGuan@honour.sg to express your interest.

Social Commentators Forum: We are planning to meet social media influencers in August to share about the value of Honour for the future of our nation, and find out their perspectives on our nation’s future.

Films: Honour (Singapore) will be supporting projects by young filmmakers at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and other film producers to produce short films with positive messages for life and living. We are in particular working on helping fund films that have a focus on “Honouring the Invisible People – those whose help and contributions we often take for granted, such as our bus drivers, security guards, office cleaners, etc.

Honour International Symposium: We are working on organizing a symposium in 2016 to discuss the successful practice of winning through Honour in businesses, leadership, relationships, and life. The proposed Honour International Symposium will bring together local and international participants who are leaders in business, government, and community groups to discuss and share ideas on the application of Honour and honouring for successful business, stable homes, and strong nations. If you are a CEO and are interested to attend the Honour International Symposium, please let me know at LimSiongGuan@honour.sg and we will keep you updated on the progress of our plans.

Talks: I continue to speak, on an invitation-only basis, on the subject of Honour and leadership, at schools, companies, and community groups that are concerned about how to do good in the present and how to best position themselves for the future of their organization and our country.

Honour Champions and Honour Ambassadors: We continue to seek Honour Champions to collaborate where we can, and Honour Ambassadors to advocate Honour in our society and nation.
Thank You
Honour (Singapore) is but a baby in its start-up effort – we are a very small team seeking to contribute towards well-being for the masses. We appreciate very much your trust and faith in us, and thank you in advance for your patience and continued support.

Please write me at LimSiongGuan@honour.sg should you have any feedback on what we can do better, or if you have any suggestions on what else we might do or how we can work together for the well-being of our nation.

Thank you.

Lim Siong Guan
Honour (Singapore)

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