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‘Non-Zero Sum’ Mindset for Religious Harmony

By Mohammad Alami Musa Synopsis Religious harmony built on scant knowledge and a non-inclusive attitude of the “Religious Other” will not endure the severe tests on interreligious relations in a world replete with religious-linked conflicts. A non-zero sum mind-set can develop sustainable religious peace. Commentary THERE MAY be very few countries, perhaps none, that have enjoyed religious harmony for such a long period as Singapore. Fifty years had passed since its independence and Singapore is still an oasis of harmony in a world of violent conflicts perpetuated by actors who use religious narratives to justify their actions. Critics of Singapore’s…
Honour Singapore
August 13, 2015


There was this boy who had a wonderful collection of marbles, and a girl with an attractive collection of sweets. Each saw the other's collection and wished they had it. One day they decided on an exchange. The boy would pass all his marbles to the girl, and the girl would give the boy all her sweets. That night, the boy began to pack his marbles for the exchange.  He looked at them one by one and put them in a bag.  He held a particularly beautiful marble in his hand, and decided to put it under his pillow instead of into…
Honour Singapore
August 29, 2014