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Singapore Armed Forces


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The National Day Parade on 9 August 1965 was a grand celebration. Red and white dominated the whole Padang and the sense of pride was palpable.  While no one used the word, it was very much an occasion to Honour Singapore and take pride in what had been achieved over 50 years:  we have an armed forces that is respected for its capability and professionalism racial and religious harmony in a society that Pew Research just a few months back had found to be the most religiously diverse country in the world an economy based on a well-tested tripartism of workers, employers…
Honour Singapore
August 16, 2015


  My taxi driver friend was lamenting about passengers cheating taxi drivers. He shared of passengers reaching their destination, saying they did not have enough money to pay the fare, and asking the taxi driver to wait while they went on to get the money to pay, but never returning.He was especially grieved about being cheated by a primary school kid - he grieved for the boy, not for himself.  The boy had hopped into his taxi and asked, so politely: "Uncle, do you take payment by cash card?" as meaning, whether he could accept payment for the fare by use…
Honour Singapore
September 5, 2014