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The Teacher & You


Happy Teachers’ Day! Choose to see the best in others :)

Today is teacher's day in Singapore! Let us take some time on this special day to honour and express appreciation for our teachers (at school, at the workplace, in life, etc) who have sown into our lives, inspired us to change for the better, and taught us important life lessons. And if we are teachers, let us remind ourselves to honour our students by choosing to see the best in them, as this story illustrates: "Tommy simply cannot sit still in kindergarten. During storytelling time, he talks and walks about. He disturbs other children in their work. Instead of taking a…
Honour Singapore
September 4, 2015


  My taxi driver friend was lamenting about passengers cheating taxi drivers. He shared of passengers reaching their destination, saying they did not have enough money to pay the fare, and asking the taxi driver to wait while they went on to get the money to pay, but never returning.He was especially grieved about being cheated by a primary school kid - he grieved for the boy, not for himself.  The boy had hopped into his taxi and asked, so politely: "Uncle, do you take payment by cash card?" as meaning, whether he could accept payment for the fare by use…
Honour Singapore
September 5, 2014