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Honour (Singapore) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a culture of Honour and Honourable Behaviour.

We are a citizen-led initiative, founded by concerned citizens and guided by a multi-racial and multi-religious panel of community advisors.


A nation where Honour and Honourable Behaviour are well understood and widely practised


Promoting a culture of Honour and Honourable Behaviour for the well-being of the nation

Why Honour?

Honour (Singapore) is motivated by two concerns about the future of Singapore:

Honour as Singapore’s Blueprint for Success

The blueprint for Singapore’s success since her independence has been that of human imagination and hard work, as well as the courage to be different and unique –– founded on honour, integrity and trust. In other words, that we are a people who can be trusted to deliver on our promises.

Such a culture of honour remains essential for Singapore’s future. This is still the blueprint for Singapore’s continued survival and success.

Honour as an Enabler for Constructive, Respectful Debate

As a nation, we can expect increasingly robust debates and social action on a widening array of national issues. There must be a strong vein of honour and mutual respect between individuals and groups, even when there may be sharp differences in views. This enables respectful, constructive debate over issues of national life.

Trust determines the quality of relationships in our community and society. Honour is the foundation of trust.

We believe a culture of honour and honourable behaviour should be our compass as we head, as always, into the uncharted waters of our future.

The 2 Dimensions of Honour

While there are arguably many dimensions to Honour, there are two dimensions that are particularly important for the survival and success of relationships and leadership in families, organisations, communities, and nations – Honouring one’s word, and Honouring one another.

Honour is living by virtues, which are values in action. When you live an honourable life, you live according to universal virtues, and show great respect to yourself and other people by keeping your word and doing the right thing regardless of what others are doing.

Honour can thus be said to be the virtue of all virtues, for without honour, one would not live out the values that one believes in. Honour defines our humanity and it is ours to lose. It is like a muscle – we are born with it, but whether it maintains its functionality and grows depends on whether we choose to use and exercise it.