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These Honour short films were selected for the Honour Film Screening in July 2019 because of their excellence in story-telling, production and in amplifying the value of honour.


An innocent young girl mispronounces a word in class and is teased for it.


Writer & Director: Jolyn Liauw
Producer: Kuek Kai Qi
Director of Photography: Paul John Liew
First Assistant Director: Lee Hui Yang
Editor & Script Supervisor: Kong Kiefer
Casting Director & Production Manager: Nurhidayah Yazid
Art Director: Kiira Chua
Gaffer: Darius Wong
Sound Mixer: Bennett Neoh
“Growing up, I wanted to be with my father but he was always busy working. When I finally figured it out, I realised he was busy working for my family and for me. So I wanted to make this film to honour him.”

– Jolyn Liauw, director

She Risks to Save

A firefighter sacrifices precious time with her family in order to save lives. 

Director: Gwyneth Gan Yu Qi
Producer: Nikeesha Jade Ramos
Assistant Director: Ng Kah Hwee
Editor: Ong Ren Wei
Mohamed Asri bin Jamary
Muhammad Aiman bin Nadzri
Production Design: Syafiq Shukor
Sound: Wong Yu Fei
“Warrant Officer Gangadevi is such an inspiration and a role model. I hope to be like her someday.”

– Nikeesha Jade Ramos, producer


Three wheelchair users brave the outside world and transcend their physical limitations. 

Director: Inge Shi
Producer: Desyre Foo
Director of Photography: Isaac Loh
Editor: Wee Pui Chong & Hoe Jian Wei
Sound: Gregory Neo
Sound Engineer: Soo Ee Ter
“Society tends to refer to wheelchair users as ‘wheelchair-bound’. We named our documentary ‘Boundless’ as it is about how they are not bound by their physical constraints and disabilities.”

– Inge Shi, director

One Last Time

An elderly man attempts to wake his comatose wife by reminiscing about the times they spent together.

Writer & Director: Raphael Lim
Producer: Angel Kwong
Writer & Assistant Producer: Darrel Moh
Director of Photography: Eliza Goh
Editor & Art Director: Rebecca Lim
Assistant Director & Sound Designer: Tan Lip Ming
Production Manager: Adelene Li
First Camera Assistant: Tricia Yiow
Gaffer: Ye Yint Oo
“This film honours love. Most people do something for others for a reason or a motive. But when you love someone, you do things for them for no other reason –simply because you love them.”

– Raphael Lim, director

Final Goodbye

A grand-daughter recalls her grandmother’s last days, and how palliative care made it possible to spend precious moments together.

Director: Nur Hidayah binte Selamat
How Hongyu (Kate)
Mardina Ng binte Mohamed Herman Ng
Assistant Director: Farah Nadhirah binte Roslan
Director of Photography: Tan Jun Han Bryan
Editor: Mariah binte Mazlan
Production Design: Joshua Lee Jing Heng
Sound: Nur Hazelena binte Zaini
“I was able to spend four months with my grandmother in her last days because of palliative care. When I saw how the palliative care team worked, I wanted to honour them, as well as my parents who were my grandmother’s caregivers.”

– Nur Hidaya binte Selamat, director

Trapped Memories

Pioneer basketball Olympian Ho Lien Siew reflects on a lifetime of sporting achievements, the love of his life, and his failings and regrets.

Director/Producer: Brenda Er
Cinematography: Jasmine Teh & Taylor Lau

“In the Asian context, parents tend not to express themselves, so misunderstandings can happen. What was really beautiful was that healing and forgiveness took place through the making of this film.”

– Brenda Er, director/producer


Guests at Season 8 of the Honour Film Screening tell us why the experience was so special for them.
“These films would make excellent teaching resources for schools. All 6 films depict Honour in their own unique way. The film “Final Goodbye” deserves special mention as I could see that many in the audience were in tears. Kudos to all who have made the screening of these films possible.”

– Mazlan, Ministry of Education

“All the films were made with so much passion for honouring the most ordinary, yet extraordinary people. All the filmmakers should feel very proud of themselves, a job very, very well done with pride and honour. Thank you for sharing!”

– Ginny Wainwright, St Luke’s Hospital

“Great sensitivity, thought and effort by the young filmmakers in portraying human emotions such as love, compassion, honour and courage. Well done and thank you!”

– Andrew Chew

“All the short films show honour, respect, gratitude, and convey care and love. All are heartwarming films that open our heart and mind to be grateful and to show love, especially to our family and loved ones.”

– Janah Monica Nogales, Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home

“The films were all well done and I liked that they covered different meanings of honour. They were touching and inspired me to rethink ‘honour.'”

– Anonymous (via feedback form) 

“Thank you for this wonderful experience. I don’t know whether the filmmakers will get to see this, but I want to say: The films really touched my heart and I cried, I really did. You guys did such an amazing job! Thank you so much.”

– Anonymous (via feedback form) 


Some of the featured filmmakers of Season 8 tell us why the Honour Film Screening was unforgettable for them.
“The Honour Film Screening was really meaningful. Not everyone’s parents are accepting of their children going into film-making, so for our team, it was nice that our parents could attend the screening and understand more about what we do.
At the same time, our film “Plesent” honours parents who work so hard for our sake that they may seem invisible in our lives. To put it simply, the screening led us to understand our parents more, and vice versa.”

– Jolyn Liauw, director, “Plesent”

“Experiencing our film being screened at the Honour Film Screening was like winning the Oscars for me (close enough!). It was an extremely heartening moment to watch it together with our production team and our talents, with our friends and family present.
It’s not everyday that you get to see your documentary on the big screen. Definitely a defining moment for us.
Thank you Honour SG for this initiative and supporting aspiring filmmakers like us!”

– Desyre Foo, producer, “Boundless”

“It was an honour to get our film screened at The Honour Film Screening. “Final Goodbye” is the first-ever film that I directed, and witnessing it being watched by such a large audience was exciting and fulfilling.
I wanted to honour the nurses and doctors who work with patients in the final stages of their lives, and it was so meaningful to have the palliative care team we filmed present at the screening. I hope the audience learned something new about the love and care of their family members through the film.”

– Nur Hidaya binte Selamat, director, “Final Goodbye”

Not just the destination, but the journey

While the films are noteworthy in and of themselves, the process behind the making of each film is equally significant and important. To make their films, the filmmakers reflected on and delved deeply into the meaning of honour – what it means for themselves and others.

In featuring the real-life subjects or inspiration behind the films, we are also honouring them and their stories. That is what makes the Honour films meaningful for everyone: our filmmakers, their subjects, and our audience.

Watch the video to hear what the filmmakers have learned in the process of making an Honour film!

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