Honour at Work: CEO Forums & International Symposium

Honour has long been the foundation for thriving businesses. No business can grow and thrive without honouring its employees, customers and stakeholders.

Through our CEO Forums and the Honour International Symposium, we engage corporate leaders who desire to embrace the value of Honour as an integral part of their leadership philosophy – to walk the talk, lead with integrity and to honour those whom they serve.

We also developed the Honour Toolkit to help organisations uphold and honour their values. To get a copy of the Honour Toolkit, get in touch with us.

Jack Ma on Honour
About the Honour toolkit

Honour in Civil Society:
Civil Society Forums

In an increasingly polarised society, Honour is crucial so that disagreements do not escalate to become vindictive or divisive, which would be a loss for Singapore as a society.

Through our Civil Society Forums, we seek to encourage and grow the space for mutually respectful dialogue among civil society leaders.

Honour Film Initiative: Honouring the Invisible People of Singapore

In a world of increasing income and wealth inequality, honouring people deeply as individuals deserving of dignity and respect becomes even more important.

We seek to honour the Invisible People of Singapore – hidden, unsung heroes who create a better life and a better world for others.

Through the Honour Film Initiative, we work with young emerging filmmakers to acknowledge these invisible heroes and to tell their stories.

Honour Learning Journey & Film Festival

The Honour Learning Journey takes a film-based approach to values education by inspiring youth through the medium of film.

Themed “Honouring the Invisible People of Singapore”, the 1.5-hour programme features a slate of 4-5 short films, followed by a time of re-flection, conversations and takeaways about character, citizenship and values.

Hosted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic and facilitated by Halogen Foundation, each session takes place in an auditorium and can accommodate up to 250 students, plus accompanying teachers.