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This is a strategic initiative to extend the active support base of Honour (Singapore) by creating a community of Honour Champions.


As we look into the future, we see a mix of geo-economic competition and geo-political contestation, where the best chances for the survival and success of our nation and her people will lie in Honouring our Talents and Abilities, both at the individual and collective national level.

Motivation and achievement will depend much on the innovation, enterprise, leadership, and best development of, and benefit from, the individual and total capacity of Singaporeans.

Honour (Singapore) thus sees its mission, going into the future, as acknowledging and encouraging people to Honour their Word and Honour Each Other, with the latter including the fullest development and deployment of Talents and Abilities at the individual and collective organisational and national level.

Promoting these dimensions of Honour – Honour Our Word and Honour Each Other – needs to see the consistent practice of Honour at the level of the individual, the family, the community, the organisation or business, and the nation. Honour will need to permeate every facet of life.


The Honour Champions Community (HCC) is an open community which anyone who believes and wants to actively participate in promoting Honour for the well-being of our nation is welcome to join.

It is made up of interest groups that we call “Honour Champions Groups” (HCGs). Everyone who is a part of the Honour Champions Community will have to be a member of one or more HCGs.

Honour (Singapore) believes that the best way to promote the practice of Honour in such an extensive and comprehensive manner will be to reach out to people who are in the position to be Influencers and Multipliers, and to have them promote the value of Honour within their respective spheres of influence.

Each Honour Champions Group will have its particular area of interest where members may benefit from interaction with others having the same interest. Possible areas of interest can be Schools, IHLs, Small Enterprises, Sustainability, Corporate Governance, Families, Human Resource, Agility Practitioners , Corporate Strategy, and so on. The field is wide, and the possibilities are enormous.

Each Honour Champions Group (HCG) will be headed by a Convenor, appointed by Honour (Singapore), who will initiate and guide discussion. As the movement grows, the HCGs should never too small e.g. less than 10 members, or too large e.g. more than 100 members. What is critical is for members to be able to benefit from the interaction in the HCG. The interaction may be meetings in person, though most of the time it will likely be virtual using platforms like Zoom or some other as may be convenient.

Membership will be free for the first year, though donations will always be welcome. What is important is that each member has to affirm their support and commitment to the Honour Principles when they join the Honour Champions Community. They will renew their affirmation each year. This is to ensure that we remain united in purpose and effort.

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