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These Honour short films were selected for the Honour Film Screening in August 2023 at The Capitol Theatre — because of their excellence in story-telling, production and in amplifying the value of honour.

Lontong Queen

Food, grit and tenacity. A Tanglin Halt hawker endures to preserve her family’s legacy.

Director: Brenda Er
Producer: Jasmine The
Cinematographer: M. Ridwan & Taylor Lau
Colorist: Danial Razak

“Yatie’s story is about honour, because of the gratitude to her parents, and how she goes all out to continue the legacy of the business.”
– Jasmine Teh, producer


A family mourns the loss of their beloved father, haunted by bittersweet memories.

Director: Monika Tsang
Producer: Ryan Goh
Director of Photography: Wang Hao Ming
Asst Producer/Director: Khalisah Naseem
Art Director/Co-writer: Chia Wei Ling
Sound: C Rashmila
Editor: Rebecca Lee

“The film is inspired by what happen to my family after losing my father at a young age. Time was the factor that allowed me to speak easily about the absence of my father.”
– Monika Tsang, director

Carrot Cake Love

The love story of an interracial couple.

Director: Crystal Neo Hui Ying
D.O.P/Editor: Eldora Chong Ling Zhu
Producer: Nur Hazirah Mohamed Yazid
Scriptwriter/Gaffer: Josh Hou YanKai
Graphic Designer: Luthfi Al-Hadi Bin Baharudin
Sound Director: Alix Yeo Xuan Hui

“One of the biggest challenges was looking for a suitable couple for our film. Murali and Sandie we very comfortable with sharing their stories and encouraged us to do the film.”
– Crystal Neo Hui Ying, director


A man’s journey from fatherhood to remarrying, and starting all over again.

Director: Esmond Lim
Asst Director: Emma Rachel Lin
Producer: Gloria Goh
Screenplay: Bryan Lee
Director of Photography: Wong Hong Kai
Camera Assistant: Jasmine Heng
Editor: Wong Zhi Qi
Sound Recordist: Cheong Shu Yin

“Hearing Bobby’s story, I was eager to make this film. All he wants is to have a simple and close relationship with his wife and daughters.”
– Esmond Lim, director

The Recipe

A retired hawker passes on his roasted duck recipe to his first-born grandson.

Director: Jovan Loh
1st Asst Director: Jew Roxas Nuas
Producer: Annelle Lim Huiwen
Screenplay: Tan Chin Hsien
Director of Photography: Nicole Chan Tao Ying
Editor: Sim Chia Hui

“My grandfather has always inspired me. By telling his story, I’m able to preserve my grandfather’s legacy.”
– Tan Chin Hsien, scriptwriter


Some of the featured filmmakers of Season 11 tell us why the Honour Film Screening was unforgettable for them.

Having my film screened is my biggest honour. After all the hard work put in by my team, we were delighted to see it screened at a place like Capitol theatre. 2 years of wait thanks to covid allows us to be grateful and appreciate the freedom that we have now. It was also an opportunity for my team and I to showcase our work to more people and a wider audience.

– Esmond Lim, Director, “Bobby” 

The screening was truly special to me, allowing me to share my film with wonderful audiences. The joy and pride reflected on the faces of our loved ones and everyone who attended will forever be etched in my heart. Feeling their presence and seeing their genuine reactions made all the effort we put into the film feel so worth it.

– Crystal Neo Hui Ying, Director, “Carrot Cake Love”

Film screenings are like heartbeats of stories, where visuals and emotions intertwine. The gathering of a diverse audience adds a touch of magic, creating a unique connection between the creators and those who share the experience, right there and then.

– Jasmine Teh, Producer, “Lontong Queen”

For me to see all the amazing films up on the big screen was a really great experience. I’m not only watching my own film getting screened to everyone but also celebrating the success of the other films as well and learning what honour means to them. And just hearing the crowd reacting to the films on screen just makes the experience even more sweeter.

– Jovan Loh, Director, “The Recipe”

What’s special about the screening was seeing everyone else enjoy and appreciate our tribute to my grandfather – when people come up to me and share their enjoyment of the film, it warms my heart to know that we’ve successfully honored his legacy and celebrated his life.

– Tan Chin Hsien, Scriptwriter, “The Recipe”

It was really special as it was a long time coming finally showing my film to my family – allowing us to revisit a hard time together with a new perspective.

– Monika Tsang, Director, “After”

When film-making becomes a life-changing experience

Unveiling a brand new slate of films! Our young emerging filmmakers and story-tellers share from the heart about the inspiration behind their Honour short film, and what honour means to them.


Guests at Season 11 of the Honour Film Screening tell us why the experience was so special for them.

All the films were done sooo well:) so touched to see their willingness to share such raw emotions and experiences!
– Anya

The films portrayed humanity and I like how each student team put together their collective efforts to create the amazingly “raw” yet most beautiful stories in people around us. Great cast who authentically share their experiences to touch our lives. Moved me to tears! Thank you!
Cecilia Tan

The stories are very inspiring and touching. Tells me the importance to honour and appreciate what I have
– Zen Tan

All the films were absolutely amazing. Makes me want to spend more time with family & cherish them
– Clara Wong

The films that were screened was amazing and showed me what honouring really is, be it someone or even relationships. All these films make me feel really inspired to make my own one honouring someone important to me dearly.
– Lew Huai Zhi

The films resonates greatly with what honouring oneself and honouring others meant. The many different themes brings out the different walks of lives.
– Chew Kian Leong

Great films with good values and honour lived by average Singaporeans in our midst
– Allan Chin

Such a beautiful event! The varied and creative interpretations of what Honour means to each of the filmmakers is extraordinary. I think organising it in August is perfect timing as every one of us makes up our nation and celebrating together with National Day is the best time
– Huo Yasi

The films were amazing and we loved each film. Every film has such meaning which shows our honour for others and the legacy that we have.
– Rathi

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