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These Honour short films were selected for the Honour Film Screening in November 2019 because of their excellence in story-telling, production and in amplifying the value of honour.


Three generations of women in the family share a last moment together at the hospital, the day before a high-risk operation.

Director: Lionel Seah
Producer: Daniel Lee
Director of Photography: Javen Lim
Editor: Hoe Jian Wei
Art Director: Lee Yu Han
First Assistant Director: Jacob Tan

“This film was inspired by my experience of seeing my aunt go through a life-threatening operation, and observing how my grandma and mother responded in that situation. Let us cherish our loved ones today, because we do not know what tomorrow holds.”

– Lionel Seah, director


Mdm Parames is a volunteer medi-minder who cares for children with life-limiting conditions. We then discover the incredible backstory behind why she does what she does.

Director: Kevin Chen
Producer: Thea Sin
Director of Photography: Liu Bing Jie
Editor: Luke Lee
Sound: Esther Lee
“My team and I were curious about hospice care, and we learnt that there is so much between a caregiver and a patient. Making this film was our way of volunteering, to help spread the message.”

– Kevin Chen, director

Lady E’s Wedding Revenge Plan

A young teen is resentful of her sister’s boyfriend, and determined to prevent him from stealing her sibling away. Unable to stop the natural course of events, she resorts to a desperate plan.

Director: Kathleen Bu
Producer: Niger Lim
Director of Photography: Nicholas Teo
Editor: Antonio Rios
Assistant Director: Celestine Pang
Art Director: Claudia Park
Sound: Glenn Soh
“When I was younger, I followed my sister wherever she went. I made this film to honour the childhood I spent with my sister, and also the times when we grew up and things changed.”

– Kathleen Bu, director


A 62-year-old India-born Singaporean visits her late father’s home in Punjab, India, for the very first time, hoping to find closure after a lifetime in Singapore.

Director/Producer: GurJeevaan Singh Balrose
Supervising Producer: Charles Maideen
Director of Photography: Jonathan Chan
Editor: Syamsul Bahari
Second Camera: Chervin Chua
Sound: Celine Ker Xiao Xuan
Color: Jonathan Chow
“My mother grew up hearing all about Haruwal, her father’s hometown, but she has never been there. I felt she needed to bring closure to this chapter of her life, so she can move on to the next. This film explores the nuances of home, belonging and identity.”

– GurJeevaan Singh Balrose, director/producer

Ah Ma Flippa Ball

A look at Singapore’s first grandmas-only water polo team: A group of gutsy women in their 60s and 70s, who meet every week to play at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

Director: Pamela Lee Nur Shuhadah
Producer: Sherlyn Sim
Editor: Heidi Lau
Camera: Chan Wen / Heidi Lau
Sound: Tan Yinqi / Pradeep V.J.
Lighting & Production Assistant: Pradeep V.J.
“The most rewarding thing about making this film was knowing that our film is part of a bigger cause. We wanted to honour these gutsy grandmas, and inspire audiences young and old towards an active lifestyle and active ageing.”

– Sherlyn Sim, producer


Guests at Season 9 of the Honour Film Screening tell us why the experience was so special for them.
“It is my 9th time attending the film screening. My understanding of what honour is has grown each time I attended.
Watching the locally-made films makes me feel so proud of our youth and not-so-young, and also has given me hope that Singapore will become better, though the people around me seem to have so much complaints and grievances about Singapore.
On my part, I will do my best to honour my parents, my teachers and also Singapore, the place I am born and raised. Thank you for the invitation.”

– Anonymous (via feedback form)

“This is the second year that I have viewed The Honour Film Series, and I am gobsmacked by the phenomenal improvements in production, cinematography, sound and editing compared with 2018.
All five films were excellent and ranking them is a challenge. “Tomorrow” captured the subtle emotions of the actors. “Ah Ma Flippa Ball” was entertaining and candid. Loved the expressions captured of the golden guys watching the spunky gals in the pool, classic shot!”

– Stephen Fong, Inter-Religious Organisation Singapore

“I thought “Lady E” was the exceptional film in this series. It took a very different approach from most of your other films (including the previous screenings). Refreshing.”

– Cesar Balota, former Associate General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement

“I loved all 5 films, especially “Lady E”. I loved the bittersweet humour, the cinematography, the great acting and emotion of Eloise and also the amazing soundtrack that accompanied the film.
When I watched “Tomorrow”, it was quite emotional and I was ready to cry, however it ended much differently from what I expected. But after hearing from the director, I understand why he did that.”

– Anonymous (via feedback form) 


Some of the featured filmmakers of Season 9 tell us why the Honour Film Screening was unforgettable for them.
Season 9 - filmmaker and mum
“My film is about my mother’s journey back to India to find her father’s home. It was my way of helping her close this chapter in her life, after a lifetime of seeking elusive answers. I did not let her watch the film until it was played on the big screen at the screening.
My mother was deeply touched by what she experienced. After the film was screened, she was asked to stand while everyone in the theatre clapped for her. This was the best way to honour my mother, by telling her story and allowing her to go through the emotions of her journey again.
I want to thank Honour SG for enabling me to make this film and to honour my mother in this way. This is something I will remember for a very long time.”

– GurJeevan Singh, Director, “Haruwal” 

“It was a big night for us as a young team. I’m really proud of each and everyone of my team mates. The amount of hard work and the level of commitment we poured into this film really paid off, and I couldn’t be more happy!
This film really goes out not only to those who are seeking to volunteer, but it’s really to honour our own parents who have painstakingly brought us up with everything they had.
I thank everyone who came in support last night, and those who wished my team well. I thank Honour SG for this meaningful opportunity to have our film shown and adored by a crowd. And last but not least, I thank HCA StarPALS for opening up our eyes and minds by giving us the change to showcase the life of a Medi-Minder.”

– Thea Sin, Producer, “Handprint” 

“It was an honour and pleasure to be able to screen my film at Season 9 of the Honour Film Screening. It was my first-ever film screening, and being able to watch the hard work of my team and I put on the big screen is something I will never forget.
Screening the film to honour the invisible people or things we take for granted in our daily lives is such an meaningful and important thing, and I’m glad I was a part of it.”

– Lionel Seah, Director, “Tomorrow” 

Not just the destination, but the journey

While the films are noteworthy in and of themselves, the process behind the making of each film is equally significant and important. To make their films, the filmmakers reflected on and delved deeply into the meaning of honour – what it means for themselves and others.

In featuring the real-life subjects or inspiration behind the films, we are also honouring them and their stories. That is what makes the Honour films meaningful for everyone: our filmmakers, their subjects, and our audience.

Watch the video to hear what the filmmakers have learned in the process of making an Honour film!

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