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These Honour short films were selected for the Honour Film Screening in November 2023 at The Capitol Theatre — because of their excellence in story-telling, production and in amplifying the value of honour.

In addition, Honour (Singapore) and Mediacorp forge partnership to bring honour-centric films to wider audiences! Learn more about this new adventure here!

Where Are You Now

A family mourns the loss of a loved one, while finding solace in the memories of their final moments together.

Directors: Lim Hok Lye, Tai Binquan
Producer: Tan En Dian
Scriptwriter: Schuyler Tan Jun Kai
Director of Photography: Hazman Syahmi
Production Designer: Casey Lim Yu Xuan
Editor: Teng Wei Heng, Mario

“Honour is about appreciating all the mothers and fathers out there, who have sacrificed so much for their loved ones.”
– Tai Binquan, director

Finders Keepers

In a tight-knit community of Tanglin Halt, familial bonds define this “kampong”, where neighbours stand as unwavering pillars of support for one another.

Director: Brenda Er
Producer: Jasmine Teh
Cinematographer: Taylor Lau
Colorist: Danial Razak

“Uncle Albert is one of those elderly with a lonely past. All he wants is some sort of connection and love from people.”
– Brenda Er, director

Red Thread

A son explores the bond with his mother that transcends blood ties.

Director: Lynn Sim
Producer: Yu Xin Ying
Scriptwriter: Deyan Lo, Lynn Sim
Assistant Director: Sharon Sim
Assistant Producer: Chin Qian Yin
Director of Photography: Joash Loh

“Honour is the sacrifices that parents make to get their children where they are today.”
– Lynn Sim, director


The plight of a migrant worker leaving his family behind in search of a better life.

Director: Prashan Elanjelian
Producer: Lim Xuan Hui
Assistant Director: Chua Anbel
Director of Photography: Joshua Jaya Rajan
Editor: Aaron Jeremiah
Sound: Melody Tan Ke Xuan
Art Director: Ava Adrianna

“I tried to really emphasise the human touch in this film, showing that he has a family, just like any of us.”
– Prashan Elanjelian, director

The Puppet

A puppet overcomes its fears of being discarded and gives its best performance.

Director: Chua E Cheng, Teo Jia Zhen
Animation Lead: Ang Hui Xuan
Character Designer: Nur Ain Irwayu
Environment Lead: Angeline Yu
Music: Aswini

“What I found most rewarding is seeing the character come to life and his actions play out in a storyline.”
– Chua E Cheng, director

外婆 Waipo’s Coming Over!

A granddaughter seeks a deeper connection with her visiting Grandma from Ipoh.

Director: Yee Shin Mun, Glenda Quek Si Jie
Producer: Ng Le Xuan
1st Assistant Director: Yeo Teng Jun
Editor: Cherish Chong Xuan Li
Sound Designer: Lee Tong Xin Emmanuelle

“I wanted to reconnect with my grandmother and made this film to document the magic of familial love.”
– Yee Shin Mun, director


Some of the featured filmmakers of Season 12 tell us why the Honour Film Screening was unforgettable for them.

Strangers have been coming up after the screening to thank me for sharing my story, which made me realise how powerful my story can be. Having that opportunity to showcase that in such a large screening, especially at the capitol theatre, together with all my closest friends and family, is something that I will forever be proud and grateful for.

– Tai Binquan, “Where Are You Now”

Being able to showcase our film with Honour was a very special experience, especially as an animated film. Sitting beside my teammates and watching our film displayed on the big screen filled me with gratitude and pride. It was an extraordinary feeling to watch our efforts be recognised.

– Chua E Cheng, “The Puppet”

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to screen our film at such an amazing venue, a truly significant moment in my life. This experience, provided by the event organizers and HONOUR, played a pivotal role in reigniting my passion for filmmaking, pushing my creative boundaries, and reshaping my perspective on film. It was a transformative journey that has had a lasting impact on both my relationship with my grandma and my filmmaking aspirations.

– Yee Shin Mun, “外婆 Waipo’s Coming Over!”

The screening of our film at the Capitol Theatre was truly one of my most remarkable and memorable experience. Showcasing our labour of love in-front a massive crowd and seeing them having a connection with it was extremely meaningful. It was also joyous to see the works of fellow young filmmakers, and I want to thank Honour for this opportunity.

– Prashan Elanjelian, “Vijay”

After many months of hard work, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have my film screened at HonourSG. It is an immense honour to showcase my work in a platform that values creativity and meaningful storytelling. The experience of witnessing the audience’s reactions made every waking moment spent on creating this film worthwhile.

– Lynn Sim, “Red Thread”

When film-making becomes a life-changing experience

Unveiling a brand new slate of films! Our young emerging filmmakers and story-tellers share from the heart about the inspiration behind their Honour short film, and what honour means to them.


Guests at Season 12 of the Honour Film Screening tell us why the experience was so special for them.

I will think about these films about honour for a very long time.
– Joanne Grosvenor

Very meaningful and important messages to share, spread and live out in Singapore!
– Samantha, NUHS

It was a great film screening that touched my heart in multiple ways many times. We need to honour the simple people and simple moments of everyday.
– Kellie, Wild Space

Thank you for such a meaningful compilation of films that brings out the human side of life. Truly something we need in a fast paced, technologically advanced society.
– Brandon Chin, Yiu Chu Kang Sec Sch

The films are important and they deserve a wider audience. The value of Honour is so important especially in the world we live in today.
– Selva, MOE

I think attending this Honour film screening is the best decision I made all year or even my life. It has changed me and made such a deep impression on me; reminding me how truly fortunate my life is compared to many others. I will never take my family, parents and any day in my life for granted – looking onwards with optimism and enthusiasm to also create positive change to the world and honour my friends and family.
– Aline Ang, NTU

It was a very emotional moment watching the different videos featuring the stories of different people.
– Andrew, Green Organics Technologies

This is such a wonderful platform to spread the message of honour, and to also honour the work and stories of our amazing student filmmakers and storytellers. As an alumna, I’m really proud and grateful I got to catch season 12 today!
– Cheryl Choy, NP

Message was really clear and the emotional layers were really peeled in Red Thread and Vijay.
– Luke, NUS

Where are you now: the part which shows the last text of mom to son, really sharply depicts the whole idea, when they are around, where are you? Well done!
– Faith Hung

I’ve learnt a lot from the films and the awesome storytelling as a media student myself.
– Joshua Sit, NP

All films were really well constructed and envisioned. They tugged at the heartstrings and conveyed powerful, enduring messages! Well done and congratulations to all the young filmmakers!
– Hannah

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