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Thinking of Our Father and Mother this Holiday Season

By December 25, 2015March 31st, 2016Family

Happy holidays

This is the holiday season of Christmas and the New Year.  It is a time for merriment – parties and presents.

Christmas has gone beyond being a celebration just for Christians. It is a time for everyone, no matter our race, culture or religion, to think about peace and joy and love for other people.  It is a time to honour each other, to show we accept and care for each other.  It is especially a time where children are showered with gifts and love.

But Christmas should be a time when we ought to think of all who are around us to show we care about them.  In particular, it should be a time for us to think about our father and our mother, as without them, we would not have life.

Here is a heart warming link to a US News video where children were asked to choose between a gift for themselves or for their parents…may it speak to all of us!

Wishing you the peace, joy, and love of Christmas, and may your New Year be filled with much happiness, good health, fruitful work, and satisfaction in your many undertakings!

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