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January 2016


The Blind Man on a Tokyo Train

  A Singaporean who just came back from a trip to Japan described what he thought was a remarkable scene. He was taking a train from the airport to Tokyo city centre.  As he was very tired, he quickly settled himself into seat on the train. Just a few moments later, a whole lot of Japanese who had been seated stood up.  He himself did not stand up, as he did not know what the standing up was all about. Along came a blind man into the train. Obviously all the Japanese had stood up to give their seat to…
Honour Singapore
January 22, 2016

Honouring the New Year!

  I was discussing with someone earlier this week who had observed that an organisation that once was enterprising and open to connecting up with foreign visitors appeared to be losing its confidence to do so. He said the organisation had just turned down a request to meet foreign visitors as “everyone is too busy”, and wondered why the organisation’s international relations department could not accommodate the meeting request. I ventured the view that it could be because the people in the department did not feel confident enough to speak and to address questions that might be raised. Perhaps the leaders in…
Honour Singapore
January 1, 2016