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By August 29, 2014Uncategorized

Sweets and Marbles

There was this boy who had a wonderful collection of marbles, and a girl with an attractive collection of sweets. Each saw the other’s collection and wished they had it. 

One day they decided on an exchange. The boy would pass all his marbles to the girl, and the girl would give the boy all her sweets. 

That night, the boy began to pack his marbles for the exchange.  He looked at them one by one and put them in a bag.  He held a particularly beautiful marble in his hand, and decided to put it under his pillow instead of into the bag.  After a time, he came across another beautiful marble. Again he decided to keep it under his pillow.  He then tied up all the other marbles in the bag, for the exchange the next day. 

That same night, the girl happily packed all her sweets in a bag.  She was looking forward so much to the exchange the next day. 

The next morning, the boy handed his bag of marbles to the girl, and the girl gave her bag of sweets to the boy. 

That night the girl happily opened the bag and began playing with the marbles.  

And that night, the boy could not get to sleep.  “I wonder,” he said, “whether she had given me all her sweets.” 

This is what happens when we do not honour our word and keep the trust. Most times we think that others think and act the same way as we do, so oftentimes, what we wonder of others is basically a reflection of ourselves. Hence, simply honouring our word and honouring the other person helps to keep life peaceful and happy.

Happiness and peace of heart comes more easily when we practise the virtue of honour.



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