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How to get your dream job

By October 3, 2014Uncategorized


Someone was thinking of switching jobs to an appointment that he reckoned would be more enjoyable and motivating. As he imagined how much he would enjoy the new job, he was giving little attention to his current job. The effort and attention was not there. He decided that since he did not like his current job, he need not put his effort into it.

Fortunately for him, a wise mentor came along his way and remarked, “If you are not giving your all to your current job, you would not succeed in your dream job.”

Basically the mentor was saying that if you are not trustworthy in your current job, you would not succeed in your new job.

Whatever task you undertake would need your attention and maximum effort. You need to apply your skills, your knowledge and your gifts to it.

Getting on in life and work is a matter of being trustworthy. It is a matter of honouring oneself: honour the talents that we have, honour the skills and capabilities that we have, draw attention to our capability, reliability, and trustworthiness.

If we fail to do this with our current job, we will, in due course, also fail to do it with any other job – because all jobs have its ups and downs, its hard work and unexpected difficulties, its demand for us to deliver on our promises and capabilities.

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