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Gratitude is Food for the Soul

By January 3, 2015Uncategorized


We all need balance in our life, not only in terms of physical rest but also in terms of well-being for the mind, soul, and spirit.

Gratitude is a food for the soul that is often neglected. 

I can imagine a few people immediately thinking: “What is there to be grateful for? Life is tough.  Life is miserable.” But let us give ourselves a little time to think this over.

The way to derive daily rest is to start being grateful for the small and simple things of the day.

Keep a journal that you can write at the end of each day for the simple things that you can be grateful for:

  • your health
  • you family’s health
  • how someone offered you a seat on the bus
  • how someone said “Thank you” to your offer of your seat on the MRT
  • the beautiful sunset you saw
  • how you managed to walk 10,000 steps to maintain your health
  • how your children got to bed without a hassle
  • how your friend called you just to say, “Hi!”
  • how someone said you looked good
  • that you are employed
  • that delicious plate of nasi lemak that you ate
  • how you were able to watch TV in the evening for an hour…

Our gratitude list could go on and on, but only if we are willing to recognize and acknowledge things that we are blessed with, and choose to highlight what went well or did not go badly, and not dwell on the bad.

To many people, “count your blessings” may be too pompous or ostentatious because their standard of what is a blessing may be too high. But we can all start a Journal of Gratitude to increase our awareness of the positive things in our lives, and thereby improving the well-being of our mind, soul, and spirit. 

To receive something good from someone, even if it is a very small or simple thing, and to be able to do something good for someone – these are occasions for recognition, appreciation, and celebration on a daily basis!

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