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Honour in Leadership

By May 5, 2015March 31st, 2016Leadership


The film “Exodus” is based on the story of a leader, Moses, leading his people, the Israelites, out of slavery in Egypt, an event more than 1,000 years BCE.

There were a number of memorable, inspiring quotations of which two are shared here.



The first is an exchange between Moses and his wife Zipporah on their wedding night:

Zipporah: Who makes you happy?

Moses: You do.

Zipporah: What’s the most important thing in your life?

Moses: You are.

Zipporah: Where would you rather be?

Moses: With you.

Zipporah: When will you leave me?

Moses: Never.

Zipporah: Proceed.

How lovely! All husbands and wives should renew their commitment on these lines, again and again.



The second is a declaration by Moses the leader as the people faced hardship leaving Egypt, crossing the Red Sea, and travelling through the desert.

Moses: You honour me with your trust. I now honour you with my faith.

This is leadership – people must place trust in their leader to lead them well and do good for their lives, and a leader must respond with faith in his people to do their best and to do what is right!

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