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Running to Help

By July 26, 2015March 31st, 2016Community

Running from all directions to help

Over years and centuries, the way societies are organised has moved from “Family and Community” to “State and Market”.

But somehow as human beings we feel somewhat uncomfortable about this, and we long for the trust and comfort of relationship in family and community.  It is a matter of being at ease.

The State may be able to deliver services and financial help, but it cannot deliver heart.  The market may deliver efficiency through competition and effort, but oftentimes it comes at the expense of being uncaring and unfeeling, and sometimes even unthinking.

So we have the challenge of how to inject family and community back into our life considerations, and how to recognise and decide where the state and the market cannot and should not be left on their own.

So when we see heart being delivered in public, let us appreciate and celebrate. 


This week’s short blog is simply to celebrate as we read the report of how a South Korean man, who was in Singapore for a business trip, was rescued by passers-by who helped tilt the vehicle to get him out from under the vehicle.

What is particularly striking is how many people were running from all directions to help. 

There was an urgency, a desire to be involved to help a stranger in need. 

It is so encouraging…our country has hope in the honour that lies in the heart of people to look out for fellow human beings. 


When we see needs in our society, may we choose to run to help, instead of choosing to ignore and walk away. 

As 30 people from all walks of life demonstrated last week…we have it within us…it is possible! 


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