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Be a better DAD today… be a better MAN today

By October 9, 2015March 31st, 2016Family

Father and child

In the book “Be A Better Dad Today!” by Gregory W. Slayton, he quoted a conversation he had with President George W. Bush, previous president of the United States of America.

It is a story of family members honouring each other – husbands honouring wives, wives honouring husbands, children honouring parents and parents honouring children through their love, instruction, care and comfort.

Slayton wrote the story under the heading “A Story from the White House”, as follows:

“I have been privileged to know a number of U.S. Presidents personally – some better than others.  And no matter what you thought of him as a President, George W. Bush was – and is – an exceptional father.

“He knows a deep secret that all great dads know:  Being a good father and a faithful husband is as much of a blessing for him as it is for his wife and daughters.  He understands that learning how to be a good dad has helped him to be a better man in many important ways.

“Once, early in his first term as President at a beautiful evening event at the White House, he took me aside, looked me right in the eyes and said, ‘Gregory, you and I have a lot in common:  We both married way above ourselves.  Don’t ever forget that.’

“I understood that as a reminder to always love and honor my wife – something he told me more than once.  That was very good advice then, and it still is today.

But then he went on to say something even more profound:  ‘Becoming a husband and then a dad is one of the best things that ever happened to me – because it forced me to be a better man than I was.’

“The President certainly had it right.  It is in bearing the burdens of family and fatherhood that our inner man grows stronger.”


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